Again Dafa home の mowing note: SONY Sony SRS-X9 Wireless Audio

Additional changes (2015-07-08 19:46:53):
The updated content on the use of APT-X under Windows: To be honest, the chance of purely listening (bi) is not great! ! So, X9 is a bit gray, in the spirit of tossing and tried a Bluetooth connection under Win10 10162. Win10 comes with a Bluetooth driver. . . As soon as the mouse moves, X9 plays intermittently. Therefore, we had to find the CRS genuine driver in the ORICO official website. Forgot to say that in order to my keyboard and snake fruit and fruit Guogu long ago bought ORICO USB Bluetooth model 402, price 39 yuan. The key is not this key is to install the driver of CRS, even out of Win10 support APT-X prompts! ! Can you imagine it! ? On the CRS website, there is a list of USB Bluetooth devices that actually support APTX. . . It's pit father! ! All in all surprise, hereby update! ! (PS did not know if it really supports APT-X) Feeling Airplay sound quality is better than APT-X, but because there is no delay in Bluetooth playback, this victory over Airplay! ! Especially for everyday speakers under Windows, there is one less line! !

There has always been a lot of grass in my heart! ! I don't remember for a long time, but I remember it recently. . .

A few days ago to go shopping, went to a special living room selling a variety of high-B grid products, with the Friends of the base to discuss whether or not to buy a lady. Suddenly he reminded me: "There is so much sound here, do you not buy a new home?"

Suddenly jumped out of the X9 who missed the great Fa Fa family. . . Say: "In fact, my heart belongs!!" blahblahblah~~~

Dreaming look. . .

The dreams are all light. . .

The story is not over. . . (Voiceover: Isn't it time to focus?)

The day after the sun rises, the boring brushing aunt found Amazon's SRS-X9 to do special

My chicken jelly ~~~ The result is of course no goods! ! ! The posts that were sent during the night shopping were supposed to be second to slag. There is no leftover ~~~ ah.

I did not give up one day, self-owned shop is in stock, but the 1999 minus 500 coupon expired. . . The hand was slow for two minutes and the goods in the store were gone! ! ! (Your stocks are making so much money!!!!! ah ah ah) my heart that piece of grass ah ~ ~ ~ long and many inches! ! !

Nothing ~ I have a universal baby! ! Fortunately, the housework was amazing. . . Brush brush ~ is also a set of several reliable sellers. During the visit, I went to Japan's official website and Japan to see the price. It was found that Japan’s judges’ network showed that “production is over” did not know if it meant to stop production! ? Official website price 54380 yen, forget about about 2830 yuan, plus Shanghai Tao postage 230 or so. . . Some shops in a certain treasure are considered acceptable prices.

Therefore, to comfort oneself, the product quality of the Dafa family is no problem on the day line; 2. The country's line of warranty is also very black. . . It used to be like this. . . It should be almost hahaha now! ! In a pleasant self-hypnosis, I laid eggs (single). . .

PS: I have been worried about the voltage of electrical appliances in Japan before I bought it. I checked the official website. Some of my eldest mothers say that some 110V can be inserted straight. . . In addition, the seller has always said that it can be inserted in line with the reality that several friends are all right and there are more than a dozen units. . . Cloud

Then I. . . Straight on! ! ! If I burn in the future, I will update and tell you responsibly. . .

In fact, ah, I would like to say one thing - (finished poured ah ~ ~ ~ fast figure ah !!) I found 2015 a new wireless stereo SRS-X99 after the next single! ! ! Specifically to check the official website and X9 parameter comparison

Although the DSEE HX in the 2014 X9 was simplified to DSEE in the 2015 X99, the main speaker unit was upgraded from Midrange speaker 25W X 2 to Full-range 25W X 2. In addition, the 2015 USB port supports more formats

USB A port support: AIFF FLAC ALAC DSD format

USB B port support more: DSD format

There is also a more important change. The 2014 model supports Bluetooth aptX technology. The 2015 model is missing from the given specifications table! ! ! It was replaced by Dafa's own LDAC. Do not know, to give up the aptX technology that has a lot of real product support, Dafa is not the rhythm of death. . . In addition, the FHSS, which is supposed to be a Bluetooth frequency hopping technology, did not indicate whether it was on the 2015 X99.

Preliminary judgment, X9 and X99 orientation (individual guess according to hardware parameters of the net explosion)

X9 should be used to add me to this lazy person, generally used to listen to QQ music or Hit FM, occasionally installed 13 on the AUX external CD for half an hour; X99 on the main speaker upgrade plus USB on more Lossless music format support should be appealing to beginners who will often be lossless and lossless.

X9 sound quality is also relatively good! ? The detailed sound quality of the horse or let others to comment ~ ~ ~ I also wait for that I admire hate to buy a good price of the country's line of urine to write a review it ~

Attached: X9/X99 product parameter address

X9: Linked Here

X99: Linked Here

The following began to print:

It's very important to move upstairs! !

Various interface technologies

- "Welcome!!" - "Thank you!" = = (Too much heart play)

Exposed! ! Out! ! !

Manual, remote control, data cable. . . And so on and on. . .

Your film is still å“Ÿ~

The linear malformation of the 6P camera is also obvious. . . (mistakes key)

Use two sticks to open your clothes~

Dafa products have always been a model for the aesthetics of consumer electronics products

After the power is turned on, all the flags light up for 30 seconds, waiting for a pei to enter (dui). . .

Simple and generous, see all climax! ! (What's on the wall!?)

Below the US back are various interfaces. . . (I don't want YD!!)

I want to say that antenna design is really clever. . . If you want to straighten out, take out two more segments and you can spin and stand up! !

(This was shot before it was taken out and thought it was a design flaw...)

Five short legs. . . The plate is very stable! !

Back to the topic of this line of wireless speakers line, listened to a day and a half, did not burn! ! Airplay will have a 2 second delay, after all, how the certified product will not be stuck in the song (3000 Ocean, what do you think!?) When listening to the song, transfer the photos from the QQ to the computer, and pass 10 or so. After 7-8 sound cards will be played. . . Maybe before the airplay cached data is read, no new data is read! ?

Feeling airplay sound quality better than Bluetooth, but no aptX certified Bluetooth adapter, unable to verify aptX sound! ! Ma Yun family has, however. . . More money is said! ! ! All kinds of improved sound quality certification is to have a certification between the machines can use! ! ! If you have the opportunity to share it

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