Appliance self-ignition accident! How to protect urgent issues

Appliance self-ignition accident! How to protect urgent issues Shopping vouchers should be kept

Recently, the urban consumer Mr. Wang purchased an air conditioner in an electrical mall in April and discovered that it was not cooled. Mr. Wang then asked the factory to fulfill his “three guarantees” promise and replace the new air conditioner for free. However, due to the inability to provide a formal invoice, Mr. Wang’s request could not be resolved.

According to lawyer Yang Yang of the Lawyer Group, in the consumer disputes they handle, they often encounter situations where disputes cannot be handled due to loss of consumer credentials. There are also some consumers who are spending time or are not in favor of invoices or other product names. Once their rights and interests are damaged, they are forced into a passive situation due to lack of sufficient evidence.

Therefore, consumers should strengthen their awareness of self-protection. When buying home appliances, they must keep invoices, “three guarantees” certificates, etc., and the above must not only have important information such as shopping time, location, dealer name, etc. Special requests from consumers should also be marked.

Buyers pay attention to tips

With the rapid development of the industry, some manufacturers have closed down every year in the fierce market competition. The products in the hands of consumers often become the “unsolved orphans” who have no responsibility for maintenance. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of home appliances, similar products should be more to compare, buy mature technology, manufacturers and service network products.

In addition, professional businesses that are guaranteed after the sale and purchase are equally important. Consumers should try to purchase large shopping malls and large-scale chain stores with high reputation.

At the same time, we must know ourselves. The update rate of household electrical appliances is getting faster and faster. Consumers should learn more about the special use and maintenance methods of some new products and high-end products. Also be wary of traps. Gifts also have the right to be returned, replaced, or repaired. To ensure that their legitimate rights and interests are not compromised, consumers must first understand more about the actual content of the business promotion.

The most important thing is to purchase the goods with credentials. Consumers should strengthen their awareness of self-protection. When buying home appliances, they should keep invoices, “three packs” vouchers, etc. You can't figure out how to use invoices, or invoices to open other product names.

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