How does the millet box remote control pair with the millet box?

How does the millet box remote control pair with the millet box? Is this the most annoying problem for every new box user? Xiaobian brings the detailed operation steps of the matching of the millet box and the remote control. The introduction of graphic and text makes it easier for you to understand!

Millet box and remote control
Millet box remote control operation steps:

1. Open the Bluetooth remote control battery cover, remove the insulation film, and install the battery (positive side up) and battery cover.

2. Go to Box Settings -> System Settings -> Network -> Bluetooth via Infrared Remote Control.

3. Press the Bluetooth remote control [OK].

4. Use infrared remote control to click Search Device -> Searched Device -> Click Millet Bluetooth Remote Control.

5. After performing the above steps, you can see that the millet Bluetooth remote controller is successfully paired with the Bluetooth remote controller in the paired device list.

Millet Bluetooth Remote Control
Exception handling:

If the Bluetooth remote control does not work properly, press the Home button and the Menu button (issuing a "drum") at the same time. After 3 seconds, follow steps 2-5.

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