Is the system called Qiu Xiang box? Is it called "Tang Bohu"?

Founded in 2005, Kaiboer is a national high-tech enterprise that produces, professionally researches and develops and sells high-definition playback equipment. Since its establishment, the company has gained support from numerous users in just a few years, and has gradually evolved from a traditional sales-oriented enterprise to a technologically innovative enterprise with an independent R&D team. The origin of "Kabo" is the harmonic of English Cable, and it is also a metaphorical expression of high-definition player. As early as 2011, Kai Bor released the first "Full HD player" in mainland China, filling the domestic gap. Kai Bor is not only committed to the development of hardware, but also is the leading company in the field of high-definition player firmware. Time passes, Kai Bor is already ten years old. In this time of monumental commemoration, Kai Boer introduced this brand new commemorative H10 TV box. Today, follow me to learn more about it.


The opener H10 adopts a simple and fashionable kraft carton package. The front side of the box has a large "1" character, which brings together the features of the new autumn fragrance UI system powered by the H10.

Because of its source content, Mango TV's content is integrated. In the upper left corner of the box, there are also the upper and lower sides of the box. We also see the logo of Mango TV. The back of the box is some relevant information of Kaibol H10, the serial number of the opinion product, two-dimensional code and the like.

Open the box, the first one is to see a small letter to the user in the manual and the box, very warm. The manual uses a very detailed description of each function of color printing.

The lid is opened, the set-top box is embedded therein, the inner box is divided into two layers, and the discharge is ordered, which can ensure the safety of product transportation. The accessories included with the product are also very rich. A power adapter, HDMI cable, and remote controller are available for users to use. They also come with 2 Nanfu batteries.

This is the H10 infrared remote control, in the current popular style of simplicity, it is a bit complicated, the button is too much. But look closely, the layout is very clear, the upper end of the television remote control area can be turned off, switch the video source and adjust the volume. Underneath the TV zone is the control area of ​​the Kaibol H10. The key functions are very rich. Here, you can adjust the volume, switch channels, and there are shortcut keys for Mango TV and photo albums. The center button is a five-way key that can be reached directly. , You can also return, menu operations, more mouse button operation, the use of each button has a white text logo, to improve the user's operability. The bottom line is the number button, which is omitted on the smart TV. Personally guessed, this design should take into account the old people's habits. Although there are more buttons, practicality and practicality are still worthy of recognition.

The body of the KBolle H10 uses the popular color of local gold, which also makes it even more distinguished. The corners of the fuselage were chamfered, rounded corners, and one-piece fuselage, simple atmosphere. On the right side of the front panel of the H10, the kaiboer product logo is displayed. The centered black panel position is the infrared receiving window and the indicator light area. The symmetry design makes the display more beautiful.

On the back of the H10, the commonly used interfaces are integrated here. The two antennas receive wireless WiFi signals. In addition, there are AV/AUDIO interfaces for old TVs, two USB2.0 ports, and LAN network ports and HDMI high-definition interfaces. On the right side of the HDMI HD interface On the other hand, it is the power interface and power supply key. The overall look is very dense, but it is very practical. The USB interface does not use the 3.0 specification. It is still the traditional 2.0 specification. It can connect peripheral hardware such as mouse, U disk, flying mouse, and keyboard.

The back of the fuselage uses a metal material, and there is no change in color. The radiating holes are symmetrically distributed on the left and right sides. Above the centered label is the relevant parameters of the product. At the four corners, rubber anti-slip mats are also provided to increase the friction and make it more stable on the desktop.

The Kaibol H10 is equipped with a new UI system called "Akio" based on Android 5.1. The first time you turn it on, there are detailed setup steps. You only need to follow the instructions step by step. One of the most important is the network configuration. Because the H10 is equipped with two receiving antennas, it is still very strong in the receiving capacity of the wireless network. Even if you watch HD, it is extremely smooth.

The UI, called "Akihime", is a new system that was specially launched on the 10th anniversary of the opening of Kaibol. It is a rich source of rich integration of mango TV content. QXUI (Qiuxiang UI) gave me the first impression that it was "simple and simple." Although there are only five simple icons in the interface, all the resources of the "Akihime UI" are brought together. The five icons are "Mango TV, Movie, Startup Wizard, TV Drama, and Variety," in which the contents of the movies, TV series, and variety shows are the same as those in the Mango TV. The reason for setting the shortcut icon button is for the user. You can find the video resources you need more quickly. The boot wizard is the same as the initial boot setup.

When the interface is down, it will enter the functional area. The most abundant one is the content of "My Toolbox". Here you can perform the four functions of "Network, Display, Sound Quality and Options".

For Kale H10 box users can refer to the tutorial: Open Box H10 Installation Method Install sofa manager to expand third-party applications.

In the options, you can upgrade the system, you can also enter the system's advanced settings menu interface, each parameter can be changed.

Click on the small icon in the upper right center to clean the background of the system, and there are animation effects.

A good TV box not only has a powerful hardware configuration, but also has a wealth of content resources, Kaibol H10 has the advantage of genuine authorization of Mango TV, plus the system source and Mango TV to do a deep integration, the user in view Shadow, when searching, can be said to be handy.

Entering Mango TV, you may be surprised by its rich content. Under the interface, there are not only the current recommended content for hit films and variety shows, but also a detailed classification of the source content, a total of 22 categories. What kind of content you want to see and what categories you choose will greatly improve the convenience of user operation.

The film source search function is not new in today's smart TVs and TV boxes. Of course, the Kaibol H10 is also indispensable. The search process is very simple. To find what movie, simply enter the first letter of the title. Now.

Like to watch high-definition movies, television shows or animation, you can search under the 1080P classification. Each category is divided into many different styles of film and television. Variety categories, bring together all the current popular variety shows.

Family photo album:

No matter where you are, travel or business trip, you can share happy moments with your family at any time through the function of family photo albums.

The process of opening a family photo album is very simple. Under My Toolbox - Settings menu, select the "Family Album" option. By binding WeChat, you can officially open it. After the opening, you can send the photo to your home TV via WeChat. Albums can also be created by category for easy user management.

Local video:

The KBoll H10 is equipped with two 2.0 USB ports for external storage devices. By using the "Local Media" option in the function area, you can select externally stored video resources or photos for viewing.

In addition, the contents of your external storage will be automatically classified, including videos, music, pictures, and installation packages. In fact, this feature is more like file management in Android phones. When playing a local video, you can also download subtitles online, track selection, 3D/2D conversion and other operations. In actual tests, the H10 is very smooth when playing 4K video, and there is no stalling when fast forward and backward operations are performed.


The buttons on the multi-function remote control still have mystery. The two green keys at the bottom of the remote control support custom functions.

To open a key direct function, in my toolbox, set it by one-touch direct options, select the function you need to add, you can quickly operate.

Timer switch:

The opener H10 has the function of the timer switch, which can be set in the “full application” function area.

The time between start-up and shutdown can be customized. This function is not only suitable for children to develop reasonable entertainment time, but also can watch their favorite TV programs regularly.

Multi-screen interactive:

The function of playing music screen is very interesting, the playability is very high, and the operation is very simple. First open the music player screen APP, in the interface that appears, scan the QR code to add the public number, and then find the download mobile version of the music player screen app link for download.

The mobile phone and the opener H10 must be installed with the music broadcast screen function, and can be connected only when the same wifi network mode is connected. Through the same screen function, we can watch the video content on the mobile phone, and also enjoy various mobile games.

My service:

In my service, this Qibao UI powered by the KBolle H10 provides users with detailed tutorials, and has graphic introductions that are very intimate.

The tutorial covers a wide range of aspects, including the use of the remote control, the introduction of the music playback function, and the introduction of subtitle downloads.

Child lock

The function of child locks is personally felt to be very necessary. Nowadays, kids have more and more hands-on skills. To prevent children from operating indiscriminately, causing malfunctions or software unloading, and more damage to property, try the child lock function.

After the child lock is turned on, all installed software can be locked and set. The child can only open it after knowing the password, and is no longer afraid that the child can play the remote controller.

Product summary

The Kaibol H10 is equipped with the latest Qiuchui UI system, features rich, simple operation, UI design style is more simple and stylish, also has a key to direct, family photo album, child lock, with the screen and other features, allowing users to experience in use To more fun. In terms of film source, the content of Mango TV is deeply integrated, providing users with excellent viewing support. Excellent hardware performance, 4K video runs perfectly, no stress. Kaibol H10 comprehensive price is still very high, like friends may wish to look at.

1. The 1G running memory of the Khor H10 is a bit uncomfortable. For a long time use, there will be a Caton phenomenon.

2. The system needs to be optimized, and occasional stalling of switching icons occurs.

3. The opener H10 supports the Bluetooth function, and it is suggested that the Bluetooth remote controller can be assembled later.

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