Too many domestically produced NUCs: The crowds of large buffalo Xiaofei Yi F4 unpacking and surrounding facilities

Since last year, when the landlord's brains were flooded with new jobs, they would have to face the dilemma of sitting 13 subway lines a day and the morning peaks would have to use their lives to go to work. Backs up a Mac Pro back and forth every day, feeling that the shoulders are bleeding. And Aunt Zhang often pushes a variety of large-screen displays and engages in her heart-punching scams: I'm trying to create a desktop with a stylish desktop, and locker company Locker. I usually use cloud disks for synchronization. Desktops locate major users: work from home, occasionally playing brain damage games, watching movies and watching movies. Just before the Mid-Autumn Festival saw the Jingdong Dell Festival, U2515H big promotion 1999 yuan, when I did not wait to start, start with the machine.

Let me talk about the surrounding facilities:

1) Dell U2515H, 2K screen rotating lift IPS screen. Before buying it is also tangled or not to buy a 27-inch, studied the ASUS MX27AQ for a long time, and finally felt no lifting ah, and it is not the lowest price of history when planning to start, Dell's history is the lowest. After arrival, I feel really worthwhile, fine workmanship, excellent quality control: perfect screen, no bad points, light leakage control is also good.

U2515H Unboxing

Actual use, more and more feel that the previous choice is correct: 25-inch is huge, such as a PPT, 25-inch I have to move the head to the upper left corner to adjust the font, move to the lower right corner to zoom PPT size. Can not imagine 27-inch, and even some people buy 32-inch, this office how to office law? The neck is estimated to be exhausted. On this monitor, the Aunt's evaluation is very much, it is not much, only to correct one point: U2515H now sent random video cable is DP line, before viewing evaluation that DP line to connect this monitor is not stable, I use Mac There are no problems with the answer.

U2515H DP cable to Mac

2) Logitech MK365 wireless mouse and keyboard set. Buy Logitech is mainly used before two mouse, a Logitech a Microsoft, Microsoft's six months no electricity, Logitech's battery no pressure for more than a year. However, for years, he hadn’t bought a mouse and keyboard, and JD’s negative feedback on Logitech has been met with a dwarf to pick the general’s mentality to find the one with the least difference.

MK365 Logitech Wireless Keyboard Set

3) Dell AC511 sound bar. The desktop is affordable, before watching the monitor evaluation, it was found that Dell had an audio stick that could be hung directly below the monitor. Ma Yun entered the room. However, this audio stick is really quite pitted. The instruction manual is a stack of horse manure paper at the bottom of the figure below, and it is unclear. At first, plug the audio stick into the USB of the monitor. No matter if the computer is connected to the monitor with DP or HDMI, there is no sound at all. Baidu for a long time, the final conclusion is that the monitor's HDMI only transmits images regardless of sound. This is not the same as the TV. The correct method is to insert the sound stick into the computer USB, or transfer it to the computer USB via the monitor USB Hub. As for the sound quality, as the children's shoes bought before, you can only hear one ring. When the volume is medium, when the bass is heavy, the noise is obvious.

Dell AC511 Sound Stick

4) Xiaomi Mijia LED desk lamp and millet plug board. Why buy millet? The reason is: a strong sense of design, with Dell monitor feels a lot of promotion. Here to say that the next meter home LED desk lamp, beautiful appearance and App adjustable, very good.

米家LED lamp, millet plug board

Well, so far all the surrounding supporting the sun finish, enter the topic of this article, start Tucao.

First of all, everyone will certainly ask: Do you buy this NUC for you, delusion? Answer: In front of so much, everyone can see that the landlord is a buyer who has certain requirements for the appearance of the product. The summary is: small, fine, and see the weight of a beautiful leg. Therefore, on this desktop, it is absolutely not allowed to have a large chassis with a large waist and a large circle. Before searching for a long time, first discovered a lot of people own DIY itx. The landlord usually goes to work nine or nine at a time, and has multiple batches for the computer. The time for coordinating the courier and then installing the toss himself is really something that can't be done. So think if there is a good itx, then search out Intel's NUC, but NUC is not all things are installed, hard disk, memory have to buy, the key is an i3 processor Intel NUC to 2199 Soft sister. So continue to search in Jingdong, found the goods in crowdfunding.

This is not what you want: i5 processor, 8G memory, 256G SSD, beautiful shape, the key as long as 2199. As I said before, Intel NUC and i3 have 2199 hard drives and memory. Ma Yunjia searched this 4570s again and found that the price was 1,000 yuan. This price is really a conscience price. And before this brand of buffalo was made into the chassis, it was heard, and it should be okay. To be on the safe side, he browsed the other products of his family and found that before pushing another mini-host, there were 77 comments on JD.

After half a month of waiting, the crowded buffalo Xiaofei F4 finally arrived.

Outer packaging in English

All aluminum shell, no noise, power, money, invincible!

Excited, what are you waiting for, out of the box!

I feel the chassis is not small

Huge power supply

This chassis is not small, ah, and Intel NUC is much larger than that, there is such a big power is how is it? It reminds me of the size of the laptop's power supply 10 years ago. In addition to opening the box, there is nothing. Even if it is a crowd-funded product, there is no ghost of the specification. No certificate, warranty certificate is what ghost? What is the ghost of no invoice? Three no products!

No matter what, wait a half-hour before picking up the monitor. Ft, there is no DP, your previous generation of products still have DP, ah, known as the fourth generation instead of ah. What's more, the power interface and the HDMI interface are very, very close, and the two lines can't be inserted at the same time.

What is the ghost of the power socket and HDMI socket?

Chrysanthemum panorama of monitor and computer after plugging in

After booting, three problems were discovered immediately:

1) The hard disk display is 240G, isn't it 256G, where did it go on 16G?

2) The wireless network card only found 2.4GHz, 5G could not be found, Internet search a network card: Dell Wireless 1501 Half Mini, is a notebook network card produced in 2012, known to support b/g/n, but does not actually support n. Many complaints from customers. The network card introduced four years ago will not be removed from any scrap machine. Going back to the crowdfunding page, I discovered that I have never spoken of supporting 5G.

Does not support 5G

3) Isn't the No noise on the box? Just switch on Ulu Uru.

Running a minute, Master Lulu gave me some comfort and the score was not too low:

Master Lu score

Then start the software and open other programs. Suddenly the system alarmed:

The CPU temperature rose to 78 degrees.

Ignore it, install Office 2016, download the movie, and optimize Tencent butler. Toss about three hours, open the Tencent butler CPU temperature test, the temperature is now: 99 degrees, hand touch can fry eggs, and my little partner are also stunned.

Can't stand it. Open the case and see what's going on.

Uncovering the Tianling cover

Uncovering the host Tianling cover, the first discovery: half of the fan on the CPU is not facing the square hole in the middle, this left-leaning design is really incomprehensible. Second, the hard disk above reads 240G. What is a good 256G? Third, the moment of witnessing the miracle arrived: When the Tianling cover was opened, the CPU temperature immediately dropped from 99 degrees to 78 degrees.

Continue to chant:

Internal host

Can it become a fried egg in a closed metal box with a fan? Now that this is all streaking, CPU temperature has dropped to 60 degrees. In other words, if you want to make this product a little longer, it's best to streaking him.

It shouldn't be. There were no comments written in 77 of the last generation's products. In order to uncover this mystery, we need to review the advertising of the previous crowdfunding:

Please read: Our first time, it is!

Well, this is my last time to buy this unverified crowdfunding product!

Remember to cherish life and stay away from unreliable crowdfunding. If you are as lazy as I do not want to ridicule it yourself, please choose Intel NUC, a price of goods, the smaller the chassis the higher the cooling requirements, there is no privilege can not make a good product.

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