Toshiba launches tag chip with wired interface compatible with NFC Forum type 3 tag

Easy to connect to wireless devices and add communication capabilities to standalone devices

Tokyo-Toshiba Corporation today announced the launch of the "T6NE7" with an embedded wired interface. T6NE7 is a NFC[1] Forum Type 3 tag [2], (NFC Forum Type 3 Tag) tag chip (tag IC), sample shipments will start soon, and mass production is expected to start in August 2014.

Recently, more and more products support wireless communication based on Bluetooth® [3] or wireless local area network (LAN). Toshiba's new tag chip is in line with this support trend. It is compatible with NFC Forum Type 3 tags and has a wired interface embedded. The wired interface communicates with the host microprocessor and easily connects to the wireless product by reading and writing the necessary data on the embedded non-volatile memory inside the tag. This avoids the complex data entry and manipulation previously required and introduces near field communication into products that are typically separate, such as calculators, clocks, and healthcare products.

The new product was developed using enhanced IC card technology, including Toshiba's analog and non-volatile technologies built during product development and sales with 20 years of experience.

Even if the chip is small, it can integrate 2.0KB[4] non-volatile memory, which can be allocated to the available memory area in wired mode, and can also be used as an external memory for storing information to control the inside of the wireless device. Host microprocessor.

New product sample software for controlling the host microprocessor is available for sale today.


· [1]: NFC (Near Field Communication).

· [2]: Produced according to Sony CorporaTIon's FeliCaTM Lite-S licensed technology.

· [3]: Bluetooth® is a trademark owned and licensed by its owner.

[4]: In the 2.0 KB capacity, it contains approximately 1.5 KB of error correction circuit common user area.

Main features of new products

· Compatible with NFC Forum Type 3 tags.

· Low power consumption: Standby current 0.1μA (typ.) (by turning off the internal power supply.)

· Non-volatile memory capacity: 2.0KB (including approximately 1.5KB of general user area.)

· Security: Mutual authentication through the Triple Data Encryption Standard (Triple DES) MAC. (MAC: message verification code)

· Optional wired interface: UART, 2C, SPI.

· Power: Select the power generation function provided by the wireless carrier or external power supply.

· Host start signal: carrier sense (when operating with external power), command response completion signal (when operating with wireless power).

· External power terminal: 2.4V 300μA external output terminal (when operating with wireless power).

· Three communication modes: tag independent wireless communication mode, wired mode, and direct mode of wirelessly connected host.


Can be used with other NFC products (wearable products, healthcare products, general wireless data communication products (remote controllers)) and as a wireless interface for stand-alone products (calculators, clocks, etc.).

Main specification

Main specification

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