Whether the line of small power power transformation can become mainstream

[Text|High-tech reporter Gan Qin] With the continuous rapid expansion of the LED lighting market, the demand for LED driver Power Supply is strong, and more and more enterprises are entering the field of LED driver power supply. According to the High-Tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLI I), the global lighting drive power source will reach about 10 billion US dollars in 2018.

Previously, in order to reduce costs, some power supply companies did not hesitate to use relatively inferior devices, even on the core device radiators, "there is no shortage of two", such consequences may lead to great problems in performance such as capacitance and electrolysis. The industry calls for the LED power supply industry to develop, can not blindly pursue low cost, but should start from the long-term development and improve the overall performance of the power supply.

In the field of indoor lighting and low-power power supply, how to select a reasonable driving solution among the numerous lighting design solutions, and match the products developed by the company, so that the products can be more suitable for the market demand, and become a problem that power companies pay more and more attention to. one.

"The cost of LED lamps has been decreasing, and the quality of capacitors is also improving. In the future, the trend of LED lamps must be toward a simplification trend, and the linear drive will become the mainstream in the future." Li Zhaohua, deputy general manager of Mingwei Electronics, said I personally visited Zhejiang and other places and found that many LED power companies have returned to linearity in driving methods.

The so-called linear drive means that the output current is adjusted by an external resistor so that it does not change with the change of the output port voltage, and has a negative temperature coefficient and an overheat protection function. At the same time, the chip can share the PCB board with the LED to realize the integration of the wick.

“A company in Jiangxi uses all of our drivers. Including 90% of Zhongshan’s drive solutions, all of which are provided by Mingwei.” Li Zhaohua said that Mingwei’s constant current chip has been verified after four years of verification. One conclusion is that a reasonable market application environment determines everything. With a linear drive scheme, it can be guaranteed that it will not be replaced within 5 years.

"The light source generally uses more non-isolated power supplies, and the isolated power supply for lamps is more, because the price of the light source products is relatively low. If the isolated power supply is used, the price pressure is relatively large. For the isolated power supply for the lamps, the added value will be higher. Security will be much stronger.” Liao Yuzhu, general manager of Dongguan Linguan Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. said.

However, there are also companies with different opinions on whether linear drives can become mainstream. Zhang Tielei, general manager of Foshan Igor Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. said, “It is debatable whether the linear drive can be constant current. This will have a great impact on the life of the lamp. Although Philips is doing linearity now, I think linearity should not Become the mainstream."

"Linear efficiency is not high, and there are certain problems in terms of reliability." Zhu Jungao, chief technical officer of Shenzhen Jingchen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. said, "Linearity is still not mainstream. Whether it can become mainstream in the future depends on A development trend of future technology."

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