Application of Intelligent Switch Technology in Reactive Power Compensation Device of Power System

With the rapid development and wide application of microelectronic technology, digital control technology, communication and network technology, smart appliances have been developed for a long time, and electrical appliances have developed into compact, modular and combined forms. The intelligent integrated power capacitor has the advantages of energy saving, miniaturization, superior performance and low cost, and has become a good product of a new generation of intelligent electrical appliances, and has become an ideal device for reactive power compensation. Its outstanding advantages of saving energy and saving space resources have made great contributions to building a harmonious society.

1. Types and characteristics of intelligent switch technology

The intelligent switch can achieve the effect of some mechanical equipment or software to help the people solve some problems by some means. It is an automatic power equipment, which subverts the function that the traditional switch needs manual operation, and the intelligent switch can automatically monitor by remote control. Power, temperature, etc., the design is more user-friendly, bringing great security and reliability. Intelligent switches are people's "closed" or "disconnected" state of certain equipment according to their own needs, achieving energy saving and environmental protection. purpose. It provides great convenience and security for people's lives. Intelligent switches are now mainly involved in light perception, sound control, thermal control, and the like. The types of intelligent switch control mainly include power carrier, wired and wireless.

1.1 Power carrier control: The power line is used to transmit the intelligent signal. The switch needs to set the code to prevent the power wave from being interfered by other signals. Otherwise, the switch will be out of control. The disadvantage is that the price is higher, and there are more additional devices, for example, additional A filter that prevents interference signals, and the like. The advantage is that the price is cheap.

1.2 Radio frequency control: It uses RF to transmit signals. Because the switch is easily interfered by other radio waves, it is easy to cause frequency instability and loss of control, but the operation is more complicated and the price is higher. This type of switch requires an additional zero line to achieve the effect of multi-control mutual control.

1.3 Bus control: This method adopts the on-site wired bus to transmit signals, and connects the bus panel through the field bus to realize communication and control signal transmission. Its stability and anti-interference are strong. The earliest bus is adopted in a centralized manner. Concentrating all the wires on a central control gateway or controller, and then transmitting signals from the total signal area to the switches of each branch, but this will easily cause poor system security. If there is a problem in the central control gateway, it will directly affect The normal operation of all other branch switches. The distributed fieldbus system has good safety performance, and will not cause other points to run because of a link problem. Its anti-interference ability is strong and the system is relatively stable.

The intelligent switch has more advantages than the traditional manual switch, such as single fire line input, no need to add the zero line, the installation procedure is convenient and fast; the night light touch system has more humanized advantages; can control and mutual Control, easy to operate; when the load does not exceed the operating current, it can maintain a long time of power supply; with automatic alarm device, can automatically power off power, improve the safety of the power supply process; work independent, the generation of fault circuit will not affect Normal transmission of other circuits.

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