Why LCD TVs leak light?

The light leakage phenomenon is caused by the structural characteristics of the liquid crystal panel itself, and it is a normal phenomenon to a certain extent. The light leakage will not affect the basic technical parameters such as brightness, response time, and service life of the television itself.

Liu Quanen, head of the national digital television receiving equipment and performance standards development working group, pointed out that due to the different levels of LCD screens, the degree of light leakage is also different. The "General Specification for Digital TV LCD Display" implemented on January 1, 2007 clearly stipulates that the liquid crystal The light leakage of TV in the condition of full black screen must be ≤ 4cd/m2.

We usually measure the technical parameters of television through the three basic television colors of red, green and blue. Based on the particularity of LCD TVs, we should examine the quality of the products from the five colors of red, green, blue, white and black at the time of purchase. This way, in addition to understanding the basic parameters, it also avoids unnecessary troubles such as bad points, bright spots, dark spots, and light leakage.

Leakage phenomenon of LCD screen is the shortcoming of LCD technology itself. Currently, there is no effective solution. The relevant laws and regulations are still lagging behind, and it is impossible to effectively regulate the light leakage of the liquid crystal display because the light leakage of the liquid crystal display can also be seen. In addition, the light leakage phenomenon will not affect the LCD monitor's lifespan, color, and other technical parameters of the monitor itself, but it will only give the viewer an unpleasant feeling in the black or dark scene, so it is difficult to have a standard measure how much light leakage will affect the viewing.

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