Apple Watch Don't Be Proud: You Are Not The Only Payment Form

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PConline talks about the payment function based on mobile devices. Apple Pay has officially launched in the country after one and a half years of global launch. iOS devices (including NFC chips) supporting Apple Pay include iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. Apple Pay is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics last week. In addition to the iPhones that people are most concerned about, users are also very concerned about paying with Apple Watch. How exactly does Apple Watch use Apple Pay? There is no place worth teasing? Today we will talk together.

Apple Watch is not using Apple Pay slot?

Slot one: Turn your wrist to pay well

Not to mention the bank cards which were not added to the previous life and the waiters who would not use the POS machines. If they have to pay for the convenience, these preparations will be recognized. However, in addition to preparations, the Apple Watch must be turned over when using the watch, not to mention how awkward posture is / (ã„’ o ã„’) / ~ ~. Not only need to point the waiter to get the POS machine's position, but also turning his wrist to pay is really tired. If you encounter POS machines with poor contact sensitivity, you can only use Oh, then use the watch to pay my hand to be broken.

Didn't anyone ever think about turning a POS machine over and using a watch to pay?

Here to say one more sentence: Before thoroughly popularizing the watch payment, users who like low-key or do not use Apple Watch to pay, so as not to be friends around said "install X".

Slot two: take a watch lose a password

Since the iPhone has Touch ID, the user does not need to worry about someone stealing your Apple Pay. However, Apple Watch does not configure Touch ID. Therefore, when the user uses Apple Watch to pay, they need to enter a password to verify the identity of the user.

In addition, for security reasons, Apple also set up a way: Once the user removes Apple Watch from his wrist, the watch will be locked, can not use the payment function, on the wrist you need to re-enter the Apple Watch password, so life level Worse, the one-day Apple Watch needs a password every day. The most troublesome problem with entering a password is that the Apple Watch enters a password with a screen that is too small and will often be mistyped. (Of course, the solution is also, use a fingerprint to unlock the phone once the phone just fine)

Tucao point three: Want to avoid entering a password? See also the skills

Not using cash or credit cards to pay is actually for a purpose: it is convenient. Many users stated that if a watch pays for a password, it is about equal to loading X. Therefore, the best case is to pay for it in a single touch without losing the password. This is the ultimate pursuit of many watch users.

The use of Apple Pay password-free not only to open the bank card small free, but also to distinguish clearly whether those POS machines support Apple Pay; what business (some businesses do not exceed 300 yuan also have to enter the password signature); need not need to enter a password . There are also more complex situations: you don't need a password to pay with your mobile phone fingerprint, but you have to enter a payment password for the watch payment. In all kinds of special circumstances, it is intoxicating to learn so many "competencies" in order to pay for the money. o(╯□╰)o.

After using Apple Watch to experience Apple Pay, it will feel that it is not so convenient, especially around the businesses that support Alipay and WeChat payment. Apple Pay may not be the best payment method. Is Apple Watch the best payment table? Let's take a look at the payment tables besides the Apple Watch!

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More professional offline payment form - Pay Watch

Competitiveness: ★★ ★

This smart watch is named Pay Watch, which is a smart wearable device launched by Ali. It runs the YunOS system. Its main function is to help users: buy buy buy PayPal built-in Alipay. Different from Apple Watch's need for networking QR code, Pay Watch users need to pay, the watch can be networked, and 1s display the QR code offline.

In addition, Pay Watch has built-in six-axis sensor and heart rate sensor, and is compatible with Android, iOS system, support for talk, sports and fitness, information push and other functions, endurance for a day and a half.

In terms of safety, PAY WATCH is equipped with a wrist-sweeping detection technology. Once the infrared light is detected, the watch will be automatically locked when it is separated from the wrist by more than one centimeter, and it can achieve the safety effect of “inseparable from the table”.

Disadvantages: Pay Watch expansion performance is too weak, the main function or payment, sports and health and other functions is just the icing on the cake, obviously the smart watch "partial students."

Can brush bus subway - brush / Yangcheng pass bracelet

Competitiveness: ★

The payment principle, like Apple Pay, uses NFC chips. However, payment methods such as Apple Pay and Alipay cannot be used to take public transport in cities. These bracelets/watches fill the gaps of this section. In addition, these bracelets also support the consumption of certain businesses. In fact, these urban public transport bracelets generally have built-in four-axis sensors, which only support pedometer, sleep, and other functions. Of course, the appearance can be very cool, and overall, it is relatively tasteless.

Disadvantages: There is not much advantage...

Support Samsung Pay/Alipay Watch - Samsung Gear S2

Competitiveness: ★★ ★ ★

Familiar with smart watches all know that Samsung Gear S2 may be the world's second smart watch, a good design, features are also more abundant, the main opponent is the Apple Watch. For payment functions, Gear S2 has built-in NFC chips and uses Infineon's embedded security chip (eSE) to support Samsung Pay or Alipay (China is Alipay).

Disadvantages: Samsung Pay will not be able to promote it globally until this year, and China currently does not support it.

Offline payment watch HUAWEI WATCH

Competitiveness: ★★ ★ ★

HUAWEI WATCH represents the peak of last year's Android Wear series of smart watches. The appearance of the watch is very elegant. The function is similar to that of an ordinary Android watch, but the battery life is excellent. Unfortunately, HUAWEI WATCH does not have a built-in NFC chip, so you can't use NFC payment on Tall as Gear S2 and Apple Watch. However, the domestic version of HUAWEI WATCH supports Alipay's offline payment function, which is a good compensation.

Disadvantages: Only support Alipay offline payment to make it pay for the scene is limited.

Traditional Shape Payment Form - SWATCH BELLAMY

Competitiveness: ★★

Last year, Swatch partnered with China UnionPay and the Bank of Communications to launch a brand new payment watch called SWATCH BELLAMY. The watch has a built-in NFC chip that uses high-frequency radio waves to allow electronic devices to communicate within short distances. Similar to Apple Pay's payment method, it is like a bank card and does not require networking. It allows consumers to use the merchant's non-contact POS terminals to make payment, and the payment transaction between wrists does not consume the power of the watch at all. The watch also has a very strong waterproof performance.

Disadvantages: It is not a smart meter.

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