Homemade home simple inverter circuit diagram

Most of the commercially available inverter power supplies use inverter modules such as UPS and UPK. The input DC power supply is mostly 12V, the overall price is relatively high, and the output waveforms are square waves. The input power supply of the inverter power supply introduced in this paper is 6V. The easy-to-buy time base circuit NE555 is used as the oscillation source. The output waveform is an approximate sine wave, which can meet the needs of TVs, incandescent lamps or electric fans, etc. .

working principle

Homemade home simple inverter circuit diagram

The circuit is shown in Figure 1. When the switch K1 is turned to the "inverted" position, BG1 is turned on, and the asynchronous multivibrator composed of the time base circuit NE555 and peripheral components starts to oscillate, and the charging and discharging time constants can be adjusted. . If R1=R2 is selected, the duty cycle of the output pulse is 50%, the oscillation frequency of the multivibrator is f=1.443/(R1+R2+2W)C2, and the component value in the figure can adjust the oscillation frequency to 50Hz. The oscillation pulse is output by the servo pin, and the waveform is a square wave. The square wave is coupled by C4, and the R3 and C5 integrals become triangular waves. This triangular wave is further transformed by R4 and C6, the second integral and the third integral of R5 and C7. It is an approximate sine wave, coupled to BG2 through C8, amplified by BG2 and output on the L2 coil of B1. When the voltage at the upper end of L2 is positive, D4 ​​is turned off, and D3 is turned on, so that BG4? BG6 cutoff, BG3, BG5 turn on, current from battery positive → B2 L1 → BG5 → battery negative; when L2 upper terminal voltage is negative, D3 is cut off, D4 is turned on, BG3, BG5 is cut off, BG4, BG6 are turned on, The current is from the positive pole of the battery → L2 → BG6 of B2 → the negative pole of the battery. BG5 and BG6 are alternately turned on. By the end, the positive and negative symmetrical sine waves are synthesized by the transformer B2, and are boosted by the L3 to the inverter output sockets CZ1 and CZ2 for use by the electric appliance, and the LED1 (red) is illuminated to indicate the inverter state.

When the switch is turned to the "charge" position, the mains is stepped down by transformer B2. D5, D6 full-wave rectification, R11 current limit after charging the battery, while LED2 (green) is on, indicating the state of charge.

Component selection and production

The components in this circuit are common components that are easy to purchase, and can be selected according to the values ​​shown in the figure. B1 uses the radio output transformer. It should be of the type with large iron core and thick wire diameter. The coil of the original speaker is connected to the L2 position. BG3 and BG4 are respectively connected by two 9013 and 9012, as shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3 shows. BG5 and BG6 are composed of four 3DD15s in parallel, as shown in Figure 4. The heat sink area of ​​BG5 and BG6 should not be less than 600cm2, and the B2 inverter transformer can be used as finished product. The printed circuit board of the whole machine can be designed and manufactured by itself, and the battery is selected to have a capacity of more than 150Ah.

The debugging of this inverter only needs to adjust W, so that the inverter voltage frequency is 50Hz.

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