Research on dustproof measures of electronic components

In modern electronic products, with the miniaturization of equipment and the increasing density of components, the heat flux density during work has risen sharply, resulting in a rapid increase in equipment temperature, which will greatly reduce the reliability of the system and even bring catastrophic consequences. Therefore, thermal analysis of electronic equipment and effective thermal control measures during product development are important issues that must be resolved during the development process. Early thermal design of electronic equipment lacked accurate and effective analysis and design methods, which could only be qualitatively analyzed based on experience and physical laws, and verified and improved through experiments. This method seriously affected the accuracy, design cycle, and development costs. Development of electronic products.

Since the 1990s, with the continuous development and progress of computational fluid dynamics and computational heat transfer, numerical methods have been gradually applied in the thermal analysis and design of electronic products, which has significantly improved the effectiveness and accuracy of analysis. The integrated thermal design of electronic products has been carried out by numerical methods abroad, and the simulation of the thermal design of the computer system has been carried out. It has been able to solve the component-level, board-level and equipment-level thermal analysis under different conditions of steady state and transient state. China started late in the field of electronic thermal analysis and design. In recent years, it has gradually carried out related research work. The importance of this issue in the aerospace field has been gradually recognized and valued.

In modern aero-engines, the control system is developing toward comprehensive, high-performance, and high-reliability. Components such as dustproof and antistatic are very demanding. A large number of electronic products are encapsulated in a closed shell. Not only is the system structure complex, but also open to the traditional There are differences in the heat dissipation method, structure and devices of the equipment in the environment.

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