LED intelligent lighting market competition is less than 2%

The topic of LED smart lighting is very hot, but the actual penetration rate is very low. Relevant research data shows that the penetration rate of intelligent LED lighting in the mainland market is less than 2%, and the product application is mainly reflected in dimmable LED landscape lights, color-adjustable LED Street Lights and their monitoring.

Product differentiation competition strategy

With the rapid growth of LED lighting demand, it is extremely fierce market competition. Especially after the big companies such as Foshan Lighting and Dehao Runda joined the “price war”, the killing of this market was more intense.

The price war can't be played without limit. If the enterprise wants to break through, the price war alone will obviously not work, so some enterprises will turn their attention to the personalized and intelligent product competition. For example, a smart LED lamp that integrates functional lighting and scene lighting can be controlled by mobile app software, and can be adjusted according to different driving conditions through multiple independent LED lighting units to minimize LED car headlights for accidents caused by headlights.

Compared with traditional lighting companies, LED emerging lighting companies are more active in the layout of intelligent lighting. As early as 2011, Qinshang Optoelectronics invested a total of 7.65 million projects in LED intelligent street lamps and power key technologies, accounting for more than the total investment in R&D. According to statistics, among the 15 LED lighting companies with a revenue of over 100 million, the relevant intelligent R&D expenses of 12 companies accounted for more than 30% of the total R&D expenses.

Smart home drives smart lighting

In addition to the differentiated competitive market strategy, the fiery home market is also driving the development of smart lighting.

Ma Renmin, an analyst at Huatai Securities, said that the concept of smart home was introduced more than 20 years ago, but this area has always been hot investment and demand is relatively cold. However, the situation has changed. Judging from the current market conditions, investment situation, technology development, etc., the turning point of smart home is coming soon.

The intelligent lighting that belongs to the smart home field has also had new development ideas, and has the opportunity to use the hands of capital to integrate and guide the development of the market. Not only Philips, GE and other international lighting giants are scrambling to launch smart bulbs, but even Internet companies such as Xiaomi and Jingdong have begun to deploy LED smart lighting.

As a star of intelligent lighting, Philips Hue can not only dim and color, but can even be customized by Apple and Android client. And its latest intelligent lighting software platform allows users to switch control according to the scene, and connect lighting equipment inside and outside the home. Domestic Xiaomi also released a smart lighting product called Yeelight this year.

However, a non-negligible fact is that the current smart lighting products, like smart home products, are “not able to touch the real pain points of consumers.” At present, the industry can only hope that a certain product can achieve breakthroughs in the market. .

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