Looking to the top ten most potential security technology inventory in the future

Time, location and people are the key to success. The security market is unpredictable. How to take the lead in future development is a forward-looking vision. As the core competitiveness of enterprises, technology is affecting the development trend of the whole industry and leading the development direction of the market. Today, with the rapid development of information technology, the speed of technology change is getting faster and faster. With a creative solution, a new technology can break the current market structure and achieve new industry leaders.

Standing on the tail of 2014, on the occasion of entering 2015, the Security Knowledge Network will take into account its own observations on the industry and conduct in-depth market research to carefully decompose the ten technologies that are most worthy of expectation in the 2015 security industry, with a view to the market. Guiding role.

Looking to the future Top Ten Most Potential Security Technology Inventory

1, 4k - a hot topic in the industry

4K has many advantages, but its system requirements for the entire project are also quite high. The current mainstream coding technology is still H.264 (H.265 coding is not yet mature). Under this coding technology, 4K storage requirements are relatively In the case of 1080P, it will be multiplied. In many current monitoring projects, the cost of storage has reached more than 50%. This increase in cost will bring unbearable cost to users.

2, low illumination - the inevitable development trend

The principle of low illumination camera is the same as that of ordinary camera. The biggest difference is the monitoring performance under low illumination. Currently, the effective illumination value is 0.001Lux or less without the need of external lighting equipment. It is usually called For starlight cameras, this is the best type of low light camera.

3, 4G - wireless HD transmission is more secure

In the actual detection of a&s, the video accessed is 720P@25fps/1.5Mbps and WD1@25fps/1Mbps. The former is the network video source, and the latter is the most popular analog quasi-HD product video format. After the NVR or DVR, when transmitting in a single 4G module, it is found that both of them can achieve real-time effects on the transmission, and there is no sign of the card, and the obtained picture is consistent with the wired transmission. Today's wireless transmission equipment also provides dual 4G mutual redundancy design, which is more secure for wireless HD transmission. It has been proven that 4G can fully meet the current high-definition, real-time transmission applications.

4, high frame rate technology - the mainstream of future monitoring

Before H.265 was popularized, the bit rate of 1080P@50fps was set to be around 8Mbps to achieve better results, which means that storage space and bandwidth increase user cost. Whether it is front-end camera or back-end storage, the increase in frame rate will inevitably lead to an increase in the amount of data. In terms of 50fps, the amount of data is twice that of 25fps, in the face of doubling of storage, doubling of storage time, idle hardware and software, system performance, multiplication of processing pictures, data management and processing workload increase. In addition to the camera's sensor, bus design, video processing chip, encoding compression algorithm and body heat dissipation, it also means a certain increase in cost.

5, through the fog technology - the key technology of urban outdoor monitoring

The fog-passing technology can be divided into physical fogging and digital fogging. Physical fogging is the realization of optical fogging mainly by camera lens, and high-definition lens is generally used in larger electric zoom lenses, which are expensive and mostly used. Large-scale remote monitoring sites such as ports and forest monitoring. The numerical fog is implemented on the camera or the back-end software. The DFG fog-through algorithm adopted by most manufacturers is an image enhancement algorithm given to the DSP processing chip, and is a back-end image restoration technology of the human visual perception model. The fog-through effect can be quickly implemented, and the current technology is low in cost and simple to deploy.

6, cloud computing - a new concept of information service model

Cloud computing is an Internet-based computing method in which shared hardware and software resources and information can be provided to computers or other devices as needed. The resources come from a shared, configurable repository and can be quickly accessed. And teacher. And cloud computing has superior computing power, versatility, scalability, innovative big data machine learning algorithms, data reliability, simple and inexpensive maintenance. For example, in the application of safe city and intelligent transportation projects, cloud computing can effectively analyze and process large, complex and disordered data through powerful distributed computing capabilities, or to de-correlate data.

7, IVS hotspot analysis - research new hotspots

The biggest advantage of IVS is that it can replace some of the repeated manual labor, improve the efficiency of video surveillance, from the previous passive, time processing to the current active, ex ante defense. IVS can detect and handle emergencies in real time, such as traffic accidents or illegal intrusions; it can publish image content of important events in real time, provide image analysis and statistical reports for decision makers to enhance the basis of decision-making; and can support the industry with open architecture. Standard format, structured data, analog/digital signal streams, can be used to push intelligently analyzed image content to different channels and mobile devices. These advantages of IVS make it a hot spot in 2015.

8, analog HD technology - breakthrough analog clarity

What is analog HD technology? As far as the current state of the art is concerned, it is the analog imaging technology that breaks through the original theoretical value of analog definition. Of course, the technical bottleneck involved is multi-faceted. Currently, there are mainly 960H, HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD and so on.

9, H.265 - higher pixel codec technology

H.265 is a new video coding standard developed by ITU-T VCEG following H.264. The H.265 standard revolves around the existing video coding standard H.264, retaining some of the original technologies and improving some related technologies. The new technology uses advanced techniques to improve the relationship between code stream, coding quality, delay and algorithm complexity to achieve optimal settings. The specific research contents include: improving compression efficiency, improving robustness and error recovery capability, reducing real-time delay, reducing channel acquisition time, random access delay, and reducing complexity.

10, mobile video surveillance - civilian chemical booster

Technically speaking, security network has provided a strong technical foundation for the popularization of mobile video surveillance. Only a mobile client APP can be developed, and then the mobile terminal can be remotely moved through wireless networks such as 4G and WiFi. Management application.

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