Severely dead! Even the insole can be automatically heated in winter + mobile phone control

Tencent believes that any small partner who has experienced the winter knows how important it is to keep his feet warm in the winter. Moreover, the old people will often say "cold from the feet." Then, in the winter, how should we keep warm for our feet? Besides wearing thick cotton socks and warm cotton shoes, isn't there anything new?

Recently, a rechargeable smart insole called "+Winter" should be able to completely solve the winter foot warmth problem. Since it is called intelligence, nature is not only able to heat it simply. This insole is also equipped with a matching app that can remotely control the heating temperature directly via a smartphone, which is absolutely convenient and practical.

This +Winter uses extremely comfortable materials and the overall safety is extremely high. After three years of research and testing, this smart insole can now be called the thinnest shoe insole on the market. The thinnest part is only 2mm, and the last place is only 6mm. Nothing can be felt in the insole. More important is its ergonomic design and high wearing comfort.

+Winter has a wide range of applications and can be placed in any shoes you want to wear in winter. Snow boots, hiking boots, snowboard boots, and even the more demanding SIDI bike shoes are also compatible.

On the charging method, +Winter is also very intimate. It adopts a wireless charging system, which simplifies the charging procedure as much as possible, and is very convenient to use. Coupled with its warm-hearted design that can be remotely tempered to ensure that the feet can always be warm. +Winter built-in rechargeable battery, depending on the temperature setting, can heat the feet for up to five hours.

At the present stage, this pair of +Winter smart insoles has already started the crowdfunding stage. The crowdfunding target is 70,000 Swiss francs. The early bird price is 99 Swiss francs (about 673 yuan). If all goes well, it is expected to be in 2017. Monthly shipments, winter fear of cold friends must not miss.

Source: Kickstarter

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