You may not know why Nokia's PS technology is so bovine

One thing we all may have heard more or less, and Nokia is finally releasing its smartphone at the end of the year.

The official news is that it will debut at mwc 2017

I believe that after 90 generations of friends, there is no feeling, but for the old drivers who have experienced the features of the machine, it is estimated that they will run away. . .

However, ah, the climax returns to a climax, one yard is still a yard, besides whether can continue to lick walnuts, Connaught powder first look, should be - Yan value

Come and look at your face first.

According to the various gossip messages that have been obtained so far, it should be such a long one -

Media YY

Connaught YY

Poison YY

However, this may actually be the case. . .

Factory exposure map

The back is not a kind of Apple hybrid Android's visual sense. . .

On the other hand, this "design" of grounding gas is not yet a good start for domestic manufacturers. . . Who sells apples with a face in the country is good!

Of course, this does not allow Nokia to back the pot, because. .

Nokia is a bargaining horse, designing and producing is not it is getting, have given to this company Foxconn and hmd.

(This happened about six months ago.) Probably: 1. Microsoft sold Nokia to FIH Mobile, a Foxconn subsidiary, and sold the feature phone business at hand. 2. Nokia used its own brand in smart phones and Ten years of rights on the tablet, sold to a mysterious Finnish company HMD Global Oy)

Then, the problem is -

Hardware and design outsourcing

In addition to feelings

What is left of Nokia mobile phones


Awkward imaging technology!

This was thanks to an acquisition in 2012 when the world's top image processing company, a dark horse from Sweden -


(Founded in 2000, an image software company focused on the mobile imaging industry, dedicated to the development and application of smart phones for photographs, a number of patented technology was used on more than 1 billion mobile devices worldwide)

Their achievements in image processing five years ago are still leading today!

Let's lookLOOK together. . .

Smart removal

"Remove": You don't need to use professional software on your computer to use ps. After you take a picture, just click on the dynamic person or thing that doesn't need to appear. You can delete it in the photo.

(It can pull all these sudden intrusions from the photo. Then it looks like it hasn't happened yet.)

What a special spike for me yesterday Amway called TouchRetouch app ah ~

Smart rewind

"rewind": A poisoned, less-ventilated single dog, who may later come in handy with an enemy.

(especially to deal with rivals that are more handsome than you)

After taking a look, it really hurts.

Hurry to deal with it, tap the face, called out the most handsome face of the continuous shooting.

By the way, the eyes of the prospective vote were also shaken.

The emphasis of the key point is how ugly the rivals are.

360 degree reversal, oh well

(Using high-speed photography to capture multiple photos at the moment of capture. Combined with facial recognition, it can be adjusted for individual individuals in the photo)

(The friend who does not know the truth may ask questions again. Why is it that I haven't seen such an embarrassing function?)

Young people, nothing more to read newspapers. . .

Since Nokia was bought by Microsoft, but made a bunch of WP mobile phones can not sell, Nokia also followed suit, so this thing is not yellow. As a result, many excellent image processing technologies have been buried in the snow. Unfortunately, Scalado has also begun to fall foul of Nokia's success.

It's still a pain to come now.

Well, let's look at a solution to thirst


"Free Panarama", its panorama can support any angle, where to shoot where the shot is, and finally all these images together.

(It's like a piece of record painted like a paint, and finally made into an image of 4 million pixels.)

The panorama can also be fish-eye or pin-hole after touch, which is quite fun.

Some friends may think this is not a great thing, not a vr effect. . . You know, this was developed in 2012! !

Well, we will finish the work. . .

Too little to make up for the third app that Amway last night, from Google Creative Lab's VR camera -


(About Download: It is recommended to search first in your phone's built-in market, if not, I'll help you find one)

Simply put, it uses a mobile gyroscope to shoot 360-degree VR photos at a given angle, and can control the depth of the photo, overlay real shots, and generate strange and interesting VR photos.

I used to go to the supermarket to take a look, and I almost thought it was a neurotic disease. . .

The effect of s7e

I forgot to say, this app is currently Android version, iOS users can sleep well

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