Frequency conversion new energy efficiency standards will be implemented

Frequency conversion new energy efficiency standards will be implemented On October 1 of this year, the latest energy efficiency standards for inverter air conditioners in China will be formally implemented. The new standards will significantly increase the entry threshold for air conditioner products. Some industry experts expect that the introduction of the new standard will have a huge impact on the existing product structure, technology, scale, and channels of the air-conditioning industry, and the industry will face a new “reshuffle period”.

30% of air conditioners will be eliminated

It is understood that the new standard will increase the limited value of the energy efficiency of inverter air conditioners from the current 3.0 to 3.9, which means that the current level 1 and 2 energy efficiency air conditioners will automatically fall by one level and become second and third levels, while the new one Energy-efficient air conditioning will be more energy-efficient. In addition, the new standard will also raise the access threshold for the air-conditioning market from Level 5 energy efficiency to Level 3 energy efficiency.

At present, China's air-conditioning energy efficiency rating is divided into grades 1-5, followed by air-conditioning energy efficiency standards promulgated in 2008. Once a new standard is implemented, it will mean that 3, 4, and 5 energy-efficiency air-conditioning systems currently account for 30% of total air-conditioning in the market. Difficult to escape the fate of the game. In the face of the upcoming new standards, high-energy-consuming air-conditioning is facing a lot of market pressure, "clearance promotion" has quietly begun, the person in charge of a store in the city introduced: "The completion of the "Eleven" before the clearance of some models, the pressure is indeed Great, fortunately, the current positive sales season for air-conditioning, and the high price of energy-saving products are relatively large, at about 10%, so the completion of the clearance should not be a problem.”

Business accelerates inventory processing

As a direct target of the impact, various air-conditioning companies appear to be very "very calm" about the upcoming new standards. It is understood that Gree, Chigo, Midea, Changhong and other major brands of air-conditioning products, it has been difficult to trace the fourth and fifth-level energy efficiency products, three energy-efficient products are only occasionally able to see, in the network platform, more energy-intensive products However, most of them are concentrated in small and medium-sized brands. This may be the main reason why air-conditioning companies collectively “calm”. Changhong air-conditioning related person in charge told reporters: "Although facing greater pressure for replacement, but we are ready to deal with, at present, our four or five energy-efficient air-conditioning products have been discontinued, and now each air-conditioning is in accordance with the forthcoming promulgation The new standards are designed and produced.” Midea Air Conditioning has also completed the upgrading of its products. The person in charge of the company stated: “In the face of the implementation of the national policy, we have had rich experience in coping with the fact that the company has stopped producing new products. The standard air conditioner.” In addition, Gree air conditioner person in charge, from the new standard does not meet the new standard high-energy air conditioning products delisting a one-year buffer period, in this short “digestion period”, a large number of product backlog situation is likely to occur low.

"Shuffle" comes early

At the beginning of this year, some experts predicted that with the gradual popularization of inverter air conditioners, the air conditioning industry will welcome a “shuffle” from the end of this year to the beginning of next year, and the introduction of new standards will advance the “shuffle time” by one quarter The air-conditioning companies are urged to carry out a new round of "wrestling." At present, some air-conditioning companies have begun to carry out the development and promotion of air-conditioning products under the new standards, the market share of the fight has been opened in advance.

Some analysts pointed out: "At present, China's inverter air conditioner market is gradually maturing, and the industry standards are also 'swelling by ship'. With the advent of new standards, the adjustment of the air-conditioning industry structure will be further deepened, and the proportion of mid-to-high-end segment sales will be further increased. Ascension, the traditional 'price war' will be transformed into 'technical warfare', and product quality and technological content will become the key for companies to establish a foothold in the 'reshuffle period.' The arrival of the new standard indicates that the air-conditioning industry will enter an in-depth adjustment period in the fourth quarter of 2013, when the market share of the industry will be re-integrated."

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