LED lighting products overseas marketing new strategy

LED lighting products overseas marketing new strategy With the gradual deepening of the concept of global low-carbon environmental protection and the continuous promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction policies in Europe and the United States, the demand for LED lighting products in the international market has risen. China's LED lighting products rely on the advantage of high cost performance in the international market there is a good development prospects. According to the forecast of relevant departments, China's LED lamps and lanterns exports will continue to maintain the growth rate of nearly three years in 2013, and will remain at around 30%.

At present, although the recovery of the world economy is slow, on the whole, exports are still an important part of China's LED companies participating in global competition and occupying market share. Facing the huge development opportunities in overseas markets, how can Chinese LED companies complete the transition from price sales to value sales models and create new advantages in participating in global economic cooperation and competition?

Establish a complete product "quality chain"

Looking at the world, many countries are now stepping up legislation to encourage the use of energy-efficient light sources. At the same time, as the development of the LED industry not only has a strategic driving role in the lighting and semiconductor industries, but also will lead to a series of consumer products such as home appliances, automobiles, mobile phones and other technological changes, so all governments in the world have increased their support for LED industry policies. For the European market with strong energy-saving demand, LED lighting applications have been substantially started.

Although the application environment of the international LED market has been very mature, but this does not mean that China's LED companies can successfully get a share. After entering the second half of 2012, the United States, Japan, Mexico, and the European Union and other countries and regions have successively raised the threshold for the import of LED lamps, and proposed energy-saving and environmental protection, eco-design, energy-efficiency labels, and test and inspection for the directional lights and LED lamps of the country of entry. Higher, more stringent requirements in terms of performance, safety, size, weight, shape, etc. Domestic LED lighting products are facing the dual test of quality and technology.

Due to the lack of corresponding standards, it is not uncommon for domestic LED companies to seize the market at the expense of product quality, leading to frequent product quality problems. It is understood that in 2012 the European Union's non-food Rapid Alert System (RAPEX) notified China's export of LED lighting products a total of 37 times. Among them, 29 were notified because of poor insulation performance due to insufficient creepage distance or clearance.

In order to guarantee the quality and safety of exported LED lighting products, the relevant departments have given three suggestions: First, they should pay close attention to relevant product standards, understand and pay attention to regulations and directives issued by the international community, especially the EU, and avoid quality problems from the source of product design. The second is to strengthen the inspection of products and carry out inspections in strict accordance with the provisions of the corresponding standard clauses. The third is to enhance the company's quality control capabilities, and gradually improve the company's management system in product design review, incoming inspection, process verification, finished product inspection and other aspects, and establish a complete product "quality chain."

Design applications become the focus of attention

On the basis of product quality protection, LED new light source has opened up a new road for the design of lighting fixtures, which has changed people's lighting concepts to a great extent. The luminaires have more flexibility in the expression of vision, perception and scenes. LEDs allow the concept of lighting fixtures to be displayed and re-established. A series of products that are completely different from traditional lighting applications will be developed. Lighting industry will also have greater and broader development space.

At the same time, overseas countries such as Europe and the United States also attach great importance to the creation of light environments, rather than simply highlighting the number of types of lamps or the level of brightness. Taking France as an example, Lyon combines lighting and urban culture. The government puts up budgets every year to invest in lighting construction. It also holds lighting festivals every year and initiates the establishment of the LUCI to attract 30 to 40 international projects. The city has joined with both sightseeing and economic benefits.

Compared with the domestic market, foreign markets have a high degree of acceptance of environmental awareness, and many foreign markets have seen a large number of LED home lighting. Because the foreign lighting market has a high degree of concern for lighting design and light experience environment, the design The advancing with the times of ideas and technological innovation has become a powerful tool for successful opening up overseas markets. The current LED lighting market is undergoing fierce changes, product development speed, user demand changes, for LED lighting companies and designers, how to develop and design new lighting products in response to market changes and meet customer needs in this situation Is a major challenge, but also whether China's LED companies can seize the key to the commanding heights of overseas markets.

Smart leads the future of international markets

In the new era of lighting, LED lighting will certainly light everyone's home, change everyone's life, and become a great change in the development and design of lamps.

With the development of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, LED, as a semiconductor industry, will also take this high-speed train and display its high controllability. From home to office buildings, from roads to tunnels, from cars to walks, from auxiliary lighting to main lighting, LED lighting systems with intelligent controls will bring higher levels of service to humans.

The application of intelligent lighting systems has brought new opportunities and challenges to the development of the LED industry. In fact, the international LED lighting giants have already begun the battle for smart markets. Philips believes that this year is the first year of smart lighting, and together with GE lighting, Osram, Panasonic, Toshiba and other international lighting companies form a network lighting alliance (CLA), actively seize the LED intelligent lighting market, and will develop intelligent lighting with wireless transmission .

Smart lighting has advantages in overseas markets. On the one hand, the developed countries in Europe and the United States generally have higher electricity rates, how to achieve “secondary energy saving” in the technology of LED lighting products, and give full play to the greatest advantages of LED lighting products. Very important significance; On the other hand, due to the high cost of local labor, the use of smart lamps can greatly reduce labor costs, can more user-friendly to meet user requirements, and effectively reduce the maintenance costs of future lighting projects.

At present, the LED industry is moving in the direction of technology, humanization, and intelligence. China's LED lighting industry can only take the road of transformation and upgrading to capture business opportunities in the fierce global market competition. This requires China's LED companies to integrate ecological concepts into product design and development, and actively adjust product structure, improve production processes, and achieve overall improvement in the performance and technical content of their products. With technological innovation as the driving force, we will speed up the research and development of energy-saving lamps with independent intellectual property rights, actively participate in the international technology game, jointly stride across the high threshold of the export market of lamps and lanterns, and create the right to speak internationally in the LED lighting market.

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