Hantang Gaojing suspected collapse and collapsed LED screen industry stepped into the era of shuffling

After the reporter saw on Sina Weibo on August 27th that "Han Tang Gaojing was facing bankruptcy", the reporter interviewed Hantang Gaojing's supplier, regional sales staff, and employees who had left the company, trying to verify the authenticity of the news.

Net transmission Hantang Gaojing defaulted on payment or faced bankruptcy

On August 27th, the reporter saw the news that Hantang Gaojing was facing bankruptcy on Sina Weibo. Afterwards, he called the Hantang Gaojing head office several times. The phone was always in a busy state, and the phone of Hantang Gaojing Shenzhen Marketing Headquarters was in a state of arrears. . The company's 400 national after-sales phone can also be dialed normally. In the face of the reporter's inquiry, the customer service staff told the reporter that he is a technical person. The business is not good. When the reporter asked the person in charge, the customer service staff refused. .

On August 28, the reporter contacted the supplier who posted the Weibo. The supplier said that Hantang Gaojing had defaulted on many suppliers for more than five months. Some suppliers were even violently treated during the dunning process. .

(Net transmission Hantang Gaojing owes huge debts will face bankruptcy)

In addition, according to the supplier, the salary of Hantang Gaojing employees has not been paid for several months. This information, the reporter was confirmed in contact with a demobilized employee of Han Tang Gao Jing, the employee said that until his departure, he still had two months of wages not settled.

In addition, according to an industry insider, the Shenzhen-based marketing company of Hantang Gaojing has gradually withdrawn from the Jiangxi headquarters.

After contacting Hantang Gaojing Headquarters and Shenzhen Marketing Center, the reporter got in touch with the Hantang Gaojing two regional salesmen. Some salesmen admitted that there were some problems inside Hantang Gaojing, but they were far from the point of collapse and thought it was competition. The opponent made malicious rumors on the Internet, and felt that the media was also contributing to the issue, and asked the reporter "The industry is so difficult to do, why do you want to report our company?" When the reporter asked if the company was ready to clarify the incident, a salesman said he would wait for the leadership decision.

Due to the inability to get in touch with the person in charge of the company, the news that Hantang Gaojing is facing bankruptcy is the exaggeration of the supplier’s attention to the media’s attention, the return of the arrears, or the malicious attack by the competitor, or the fact that it is impossible to draw conclusions. .

According to the reporter's understanding, Hantang Gaojing is regarded as a medium-to-large-scale LED display enterprise in the industry. In this year's media, the “2013 China's Top 10 Most Developed LED Display Screens” was recommended. Hantang Gaojing launched the LED4S model in 2012, which made innovations in channel marketing and launched the B2B Mall (the domain name is http://, which is currently unavailable). At the same time, its Shenzhen Foss Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. produces LED lighting products.

SMEs in the cold industry into the era of shuffling

One leaf fell to know the world, although Hantang Gaojing is not as known as the supplier, but it is not known at the moment, but in the current collapse of the LED display industry, such information will undoubtedly provoke all players, especially suppliers. nerve.

Since the beginning of this year, the reshuffle effect of the LED display industry has become more and more obvious. On the one hand, small and medium-sized enterprises such as Shenzhen Yiguang, Shifang Optoelectronics and Leixing Optoelectronics are facing difficulties in the capital chain, and they are successively eliminated. On the other hand, companies with funds and technology accumulation Such as Liard, Alto Electronics, Kyushu Optoelectronics have won large orders, showing the larger Evergrande, the stronger the Matthew effect.

From the explosive growth of LED displays in 2010 to the present, the quality barriers of LED display products have begun to appear. As an LED display for productive investment equipment, the long-term good display stability is an important criterion for judging its quality. In the early stage, due to the low price of many customers, after several years of use, the shortcomings of inferior display screens have been obviously exposed, and the phenomenon of black spots and distortions on the screen has become widespread, and even security incidents such as screen collapse and fire have occurred. In view of this, many customers gradually become rational, and inferior enterprises will be eliminated.

In addition, as an engineering product, the LED display screen generally has a long return period and pledges the tail payment phenomenon, which provides a high risk control capability for small and medium-sized enterprises lacking financial strength and quality assurance.

For medium and large enterprises, in addition to obtaining a larger amount of orders, another noteworthy phenomenon is the increase in industry consolidation and mergers and acquisitions. Since the beginning of this year, Furi Electronics intends to acquire Mairui Optoelectronics, Lianchuang Optoelectronics acquired Shanghai Xinmao, Keheng Co., Ltd. acquired Lianteng Technology, and previously Leidiao was acquired by Chau Ming, Dehao Runda acquired Ruituo Display, Han’s Laser acquired Yuanheng Photovoltaic and many other cases.

This means that on the one hand, there are technically strong LED display companies that have the willingness to use the power of group capital to become stronger and stronger after missing the opportunity to go public. On the other hand, it also shows that the development of LED display screens is not only the scale of enterprises today. The competition is not only the competition of science and technology content such as innovation and technology, but the competition of comprehensive strength such as industrial chain integration, capital and service added value.

According to informed sources in the industry, a Shenzhen LED display company has signed hundreds of millions of acquisition intentions; there is also a Shenzhen LED company has reached a contract for acquisition, about 10 million, has not been announced. It can be seen that the industry concentration of LED display after shuffling integration will increase rapidly, and orders are shifting to manufacturers with competitive advantages.

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