Home appliance parts industry standards will be submitted for review

Home appliance parts industry standards will be submitted for review

Lu Jianguo, the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, disclosed that the industry standards for the three home appliance parts have completed the draft for consultation. The review draft will be completed in mid-December and approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is expected to be implemented by the end of next year.

The reporter understands that the meeting has discussed the assessment of the technical performance of these three industry standards. The industry standards have stipulated the performance of drainage pumps, inlet valves, washing pumps, high and low pressure, high and low temperature, and durability. Among them, "Technical Requirements for Washing Machine Drainage Pumps" and "Technical Requirements for Washing Machine Inlet Valves" also include dishwasher drainage pumps and inlet valves in the scope of technical requirements.

"Washing Machine Drainage Pump Technical Requirements" is mainly used to specify the performance of the drainage pump for washing machines and dishwashers. It specifies the standards for drainage pump flow, head, efficiency, durability, noise, vibration resistance and other standards. Wherein, the flow refers to the amount of water discharged by the drainage pump per minute; the head is the distance and height from which the water flow is discharged when the drainage pump drains water. The head of the dishwasher is generally between 1.2m and 1.5m; the efficiency refers to the consumption of the drainage pump once consumed. The power generated by the loss of friction and friction; the noise requirement is no more than 40 decibels; the durability is evaluated by the fault-free running time of the drainage pump. At this point, Lu Jianguo introduced that there is no need to make unlimited the durability of the drainage pump. According to the long requirements, washing machines and dishwashers have a normal service life of 8 years. Drain pumps have been qualified for 30,000 times.

"Technical Requirements for Washing Machine Inlet Valves" regulates the flow rate, water pressure resistance, high and low temperature, vibration resistance, durability, and noise of the inlet valves for washing machines and dishwashers. Lu Jianguo said that the standard of the inlet valve is mainly reflected in the flow of influent water, such as the wide hydraulic washing machine sold in home appliances to the countryside, in order to ensure that the water pressure is not stable, especially when the water pressure is low. The high and low temperature is to make the inlet valve resistant to low temperature and high temperature performance. Some drum washing machines can reach over 90 degrees of inlet water temperature. In the process of placing, transporting and demonstrating the washing machine, they may encounter ultra-low temperatures. The water temperature has imposed higher requirements on the performance of the inlet valve. In addition, the inlet valve standard also specifies the drop test.

"Diesel Washing Pump Technical Requirements" is similar to the washing machine drainage pump, mainly assess the flow, head, efficiency, durability, high and low temperature, noise and other properties. The washing pump is an important part of the dishwasher. Its function and principle in the dishwasher are the same as those of the washing machine. However, the standard also stipulates the sealability, safety load and low pressure start-up of the dishwasher washing pump. Jianguo introduced that in the past there was no standard specifically for washing pumps. Previously, they were all evaluated according to the standards of the motor. The technical requirements for dishwasher washing pumps have paid special attention to the numerical requirements for safety loads, and in terms of durability, It is required to reach 5000 hours.

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