Durable and easy to listen to is the last word: SONY Sony MDR-EX750BT wireless headset evaluation article 1: work and Bluetooth connection part


Diving in Zhang Aunt also has three or four years, this is the first time on the evaluation, in itself I can not be considered a headset enthusiasts can only say like this, the family does not have any professional equipment, just hope to give you want to buy this headset Some help with children's shoes, all opinions in this article only represent my personal opinion. I try to describe it in simple, plain language. The degree of separation, the sound field, and the bass are not heavy. These are not a good plug for me, but I really can't hear it. Understand .... really big God do not spray. In this article, I will evaluate from several aspects of display, work details, and Bluetooth connectivity. The second review will focus on the evaluation of sound quality and wear experience. Some of the immatured insights I have about earphones will be interspersed. Because of the short time, the argument may be biased, please forgive me!

This article is not much nonsense directly to the point (all of my plug town buildings are bargains.)

[Buying reason]

In fact, from the beginning of junior high school, I really liked the headset. At that time, it was 2007. I would save my pocket money and buy headphones. 30-40 yuan, now it seems too LOW and too cheap, but for me at that time It is something like a baby. After all, the family is not particularly rich. This habit has been maintained until now. There are at least 20 earphones bought from college before and after, but most of them are not too expensive are about 100-200. The main reason for this purchase of the MDR-EX750BT is that I recently started to ride again. (This has been a drive for six months and I have had stomach problems. I can't stand it.) So I'd like to buy a Bluetooth headset for convenience.. (Before Figure cheaper to buy a Astrid X50B, this goods is really not how, the quality of work is too poor), the focus is basically locked in the dog ring Bluetooth headset, because this headset is more comfortable to wear, detailed wear comparison I will A detailed description of the part worn. The main focus is on three headphones:

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In the end, according to individual needs, the 750BT of Sony Dafa was selected (ask me why I chose this, because I can be wired! I can use cable!! I can connect my cable!) When JD is purchased, the price is 849 yuan in addition to the full-shoulder coupon and the Beijing bean. Can not be said that history has low prices can only say almost, after all, just need


The camera technology is slightly slag, and there isn't any good floor in the house. Everybody makes do with it.. I comfort myself that this is not the point

Because of the JD purchase, it also sent a very cheap VR glasses.. so huge packaging. The following is the simple unpacking process of headphones.

Ps: The top of the warranty card, please buy children's shoes must be careful not to tear it lost or there is no warranty ... pit father's design

[details and work description]

Overall, the overall workmanship can only be said to be inconsistent even with this price point, and some detailed considerations and workmanship are less appropriate. I will go into details below.

This is the main part of the headset (also has a huge headphone bag and several replaceable ear plugs, I do not shoot) In general, the accessories can only be considered as general in terms of abundance, and did not make me feel so shocked, but after all, Sony Dafa believes in bonuses...

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

[Key part]

This is the button and the interface part of the headset itself. The buttons are all focused on the left side. There are three buttons in total. The circular buttons are mainly responsible for: switching on/off, music playing and pause (press and hold the switch or turn on the Bluetooth connection mode. , Click to play/pause the music.) The long bar button is mainly responsible for - volume addition and subtraction and cut song (click to adjust the volume, long press the song). The three buttons feedback force is a little hard, but the hand is very crisp, I just don't know how to resist the operation.. There is a USB port on the side, basic and most Android phones on the market are common (Type-c and Apple interface can not be universal), these three days, I feel that the operation is still very Convenient, personal feeling this should be to take care of the right-handed crowd, all the operations can be done with the left hand.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------

【Headphones and Cables】

[Headphone housing] The overall work of the headphone housing is excellent, is aluminum alloy material, very delicate, very light, very comfortable to wear, the key is a layer above, like the skin-friendly layer, when worn in cold weather on the ear Nor does it feel particularly ice-eared.

[Wire] The material of the wire is good, but it will harden when it is cold. There is a thread on the wire surface, which should be designed to prevent entanglement.

[I'm going to talk about the slot in the work]

(A) The interface is not protected

In the place where the headphone cord and the body link, Sony did not do buffering and anti-pull processing, I do not know why did not do, because according to my personal experience, the headset is the most likely problem is the place of the connector, easy to contact bad, and As a Bluetooth headset is often worn around the neck with the movement of shaking around, over time, this place I personally guess must be very prone to problems, so I wit's bought JD the second year for a new .. but Sony for this headset The positioning is not a sports headset. Maybe this is my concern. However, I'm using this headset now. It's really scary...

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

(b) The overall work is slightly rough

The neck section of the headset is divided into two materials, one is the skin-friendly material, and the other is the plastic material. In my opinion, the overall workmanship in this place is not very good. The skin-friendly material does not feel so delicate. , And I'm afraid that what sweats in the summer will erode this layer of material will be ugly to die ... Plastic part, we can see the map, there are obvious seams, and the gap is very obvious, explain The whole process is not particularly precise..(after all Malaysian production .. I understand) Personally feel the price of 1,000 yuan this headset is this kind of work is really something should not be .. because of the work of the iron triangle C770 in my hand Even better than 750bt. To know that the iron triangle headset only needs about 100 yuan.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------

[Bluetooth connection, battery life, and charging speed]

Select Bluetooth headset must be in order to get rid of the shackles of the cable, so a bluetooth headset connection Bluetooth convenience, stability and effective distance is very important, personal feeling is more important than the sound quality. (Because NFC is not tested for NFC, it is convenient to use and temporarily retain it. NFC connections should be quick and convenient, based on reviews written by other websites or individuals.)

The test machine used by the author this time is - Meizu's MX4PRO and Ipad air2 (since the author does not have a dedicated music player at home, so I can only take MX4pro to make up the number ..)

[Bluetooth connection]

Regarding the Bluetooth connection tested, both Android and IOS will have a power display in the top notification bar, but it will not be displayed specifically, and according to my test, there are basically only three display modes: full power - half power - close to none Electricity. Basically, the Bluetooth connection is similar to other Bluetooth Headsets. The first link to the new device is to press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds. The prompt light on the headset changes to the red and blue alternate mode and enters the link mode. Then the headset device is searched for in the phone. Click on the pairing to complete the pairing. After the pairing is successful, as long as the device is turned on with Bluetooth and the headset is switched on, the basic seconds can be achieved. This is really quite convenient and is much better than the AXSUI BX50 previously purchased.

About endurance performance, according to the author measured full power continuous listening songs about 10 hours or so headphone power, charging, the specific can not know how long it will be full of electricity, but according to my test charge about half an hour can continuously listen to music for two hours Around, this level is not particularly good. But it's quite enough.

Regarding whether the Bluetooth is stable or not, after testing the 750bt Bluetooth stability is very good, after all, this price, if even the Bluetooth stability is not good, then it would be too difficult to say, compared to the previous Astrid XB50 is much better, There are no intermittent situations, but it is shorter than the XB50 in terms of effective distance. It can guarantee that the distance without breakpoints is about 5 meters, and if there are obstacles in the middle, there will be intermittent situations.

Overall, the Bluetooth connection is in line with expectations, and the mobile phone has almost no discontinuity in its surroundings. The endurance performance of the headset is also sufficient, and the key is that this headset also has a wired headset cable, even if the power is not directly transferred to the cable.


The headset in the 900 yuan price, the Sony MDR-EX750BT in the workmanship can not be considered excellent, can only be said to pass, may have a relationship with the foundry country. After all, cheap labor ... Bluetooth connectivity and battery life on the overall performance Excellent, in line with the expectations of this price Bluetooth headset.

In the next issue, I will mainly test the sound quality and wearing comfort levels. Please pay attention! Thank you! Can also leave me a message where I want to test

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