Huawei and ZTE were sued in Germany for patent infringement of AVC

Electronic enthusiasts early eight:

MPEG LA, LLC announced on the 15th that a number of patent holders authorized by MPEG LA's AVC patent portfolio have filed a lawsuit in the Düsseldorf District Court in Germany, alleging that ZTE and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. have infringed mobile devices. And key patents for AVC/H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10) digital video coding standards for other products.

According to the complaint, ZTE and Huawei provide mobile phone products in Germany, which use the patented AVC method without the need to have a license for individual patent holders or a combination license for these patents provided by MPEG LA. Litigation cases seek monetary compensation and bans.

It is understood that MPEG LA is the world's leading one-stop licensing provider for standards and other technology platforms. Since the 1990s, it has created a modern patent pool that helps produce the most widely used standards in consumer electronics history. MPEG LA has licensed more than 13,000 patents in 82 countries, with approximately 230 patent holders and more than 6,000 licensees. About 1,500 licensees enjoy the global one-stop coverage of MPEG LA's AVC patent portfolio license, a basic patent owned by 38 patent holders. By helping users achieve their technology choices, MPEG LA offers a licensing solution that provides a business planning process that gains basic intellectual property, operates freely, and reduces litigation risk and predictability.

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DAC 4x 25G To 100G Cable

Since the actual analog-to-digital converter cannot perform complete real-time conversion, some additional methods must be used to keep it constant during a conversion of the input signal. A sample-and-hold circuit is commonly used. In most cases, a capacitor can be used to store the input analog voltage, and a switch or gate circuit can be used to close and disconnect the capacitor and the input signal. Many analog-to-digital conversion integrated circuits already contain such a sample-and-hold subsystem internally.

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