Mobile broadband users surpass Unicom, target telecom! Launched price cuts to speed up 380 a year

In the era of mobile Internet, people are increasingly demanding the network. Mobile phones have become a part of people's lives. They carry them wherever they go. In a new place, the first thing is definitely asking what is the wifi password? Come online, use your mobile phone to watch videos, shop, etc.

What followed was that the demand for broadband became more and more dependent, and the speed and price of broadband became a matter of special concern. The three operators’ investment in broadband is also very important. Calls and text messages, now calls and text messages can be replaced by the network, so the three major operators have accelerated the expansion of broadband services.

In the field of broadband, China Mobile can be said to be a rising star. In the 2G era, broadband belongs to the main service areas of China Unicom and China Telecom. With the development of mobile Internet, mobile has begun to deploy in the broadband field, and the development speed is very fast. According to the 2016 data released by three operators, the number of mobile broadband users has exceeded Unicom.

It can be seen that in terms of broadband users, telecommunications is still leading. Unexpectedly, Unicom did not increase its subscribers in December 2016. Instead, it also experienced negative growth. In terms of the number of users throughout the year, mobile has also surpassed Unicom. The second broadband service provider.

Beyond China Unicom, it can be said that a small goal has been completed, and it has continued to force users to approach telecom. Beyond China Unicom cannot meet mobile. Think of the huge advantages of users in the 4G field. I believe that mobile also wants to replicate in the broadband field. 4G is as successful.

Recently, Mobile launched a price reduction campaign, in the family version of the flight package, 100M broadband free delivery, 50M Aurora broadband, also from the original price of 966 yuan a year, to 380 yuan a year, the price cut is not small, just to come Attracting users, it is obviously the sword refers to telecommunications.

At this time, Telecom has increased its preferential measures and launched a 100-million-band broadband event for a month in Chongqing, which is very competitive.

Mechanical Timer

24 hours mechanical Timer
Instant indicator
Min.setting time:15 minutes. Max.setting timer:24 hours
With hand switch,can be switched to operating and

setting at any time


mechanical timer
1. Set program: 1 pin is equivalent to 15 minutes. Determine desired start time and push down pins until desired
off time.
For instance, if you want electrical devices to work from 8:00am to 11:00am and from 13:00pm to 17:00pm, you
just need to put down allthe pins between the three period time.
2. Set the current time: Turning the dial clockwise until the arrow pointing to
current time.
For example,if now it is 8:00 am, please turn the dial and make sure the
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3. Plug the electrical device directly into the timer. Make sure the electrical
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4. Plug the timer into electrical outlet and the electrical device will be work
according to the setting program.
Note: = Normal Ope n = Timing
Make sure the switch on the Timing position. If it
is on the [Normal Open" mode, the electrical device is
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Rated Voltage, Current and Power
As shown on the label
Time Setting Range
Working Temperature
Insulation Resistance
Inherent Loss

1. To enable high-power electric appliances to run automatically at off-peak time if there is different electricity
price according to different periods of time in some areas.
2. To use for electric appliances which need time control, such as water heaters, air conditioners, drinking
fountains, rice cookers, advertising lights and so on.
3. To control the charging time. For example, battery of electric bikes or mobile phones, storage batteries, etc.
4. Occasions which need switch on/off frequently, like interval spray irrigation for flowersand lawn, cyclical
adding oxygen to fish jar, fountains and so on.
5. Home safety precautions and lighting.

1.D o not exceed the maximum ratings of the timer.
2.M ust reset the current time after power failure.
3.D o not plug the timer directly into the working electrical appliances.
4.U nless changing the setting, keep the program same every day.
5.D o not disassemble timer by yourself. Professionals service are needed for maintenance.

6.T his item is only for indoor use.

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