Why is the phone screen small? 3 diagrams teach you to enlarge the phone screen (wired)

Although the smart phone's screen is getting bigger and the resolution is getting higher and higher, but for many demanding children's shoes, there is still a vision that is not big enough and the visual impact is insufficient.

The good news is that we are surrounded by countless devices that have more "vision", such as laptops, tablets, or LCD TVs. If the smartphone can be staged with a "nest to occupy the nest" drama, not to solve the shortcomings of the smartphone's own vision?

As for how to make the mobile phone "sweeping the nest," it can be roughly divided into two ways: wired and wireless. Today, the smart dog first introduced the wired method through 3 pictures. If you are interested in this topic, the following wireless articles should not be missed.




As the way of HDMI and MHL is outdated, many children's shoes may feel that today's content is not dry goods. Xiao Bian also knows that it is meaningless to cherish history .

There are many types of wireless screencasting technology, but they all share the same experience in terms of experience. There are two modes: projecting media content and projecting screen images.

The projected media content refers to pushing media files to a corresponding playback device. For example, video files are pushed to smart TVs, then TVs play videos; audio files are pushed to smart speakers, and speakers play audio. This shot occupies less bandwidth and we can understand it as an extension of the multi-monitor setting in the PC field. ” That is, the media files will be extended to other devices for playback.

The projected screen image is the projected device as a display, similar to the "copy" in the multi-monitor setting of the PC field, and the projection source and the displayed content of the projected device remain synchronized.

The current mainstream screencasting technologies are as follows.

AirPlay: Apple's technology, while supporting two projection modes;

DLNA/UPnP: They are the same technology and only support the projected media content model. Android devices use this technology to project video.

Miracast/WiFi Display: They are also the same technology and only support the projected screen image mode.

The smart dog will soon bring you the principles and operation tutorials of the DLNA/UPnP and Miracast/WiFi Display wireless projection solutions, including the wireless projection of mobile screens to the screens of TVs, notebooks and even other mobile phones . You will see it! Look forward to it together!

Optical Cable Cross Connection Cabinet

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