Playing drones, a few things that you don’t want to do

The drone is nothing new.

Even more and more players have developed a richer flight experience than aerial photography.

For example, a competition, such as a stunt show, like this:

QQ screenshot 20170216133958

Because of the multi-faceted integration of drones into our lives, more and more accidents and bad things happen.

Maybe it’s curiosity, maybe it’s inadvertent. But the consequences are not something we can afford.

Then I sang "Repent, I’m so drunk and wrong, Zheng Xiandi". Is it too cold?

Therefore, it is necessary to know what should not be done before the flight. It smeared itself and also smeared the entire group.

1, the drone should not be used for voyeurism

Do you want your life privacy to be exposed to outsiders?
Naturally, when you drive a drone at the top of a neighbor's house, you are in a community, hovering in a crowded place. You should be careful when you think you can attract the envy of your eyes. Maybe the person who saw it, only hate it.

No one doesn't mind being "monitored" by cameras in the air, and the noise of drones.

Enter "I can shoot down the drone" in the search engine and see how many people are eager to try.

2, if not necessary, should not be used for wedding scenes

The drone took the ring and slowly flew to the newcomer. This kind of picture seems very romantic at first glance, but in fact, Wang Tong shoes are also taking a lot of risks. I don't believe in rehearsal.

The drone is noisy and will generate a lot of wind, not to mention the fact that when the drone is flying indoors, it is impossible to perform GPS positioning and it is unstable.

QQ screenshot 20170216135405

Not long ago, there was a drone accident that occurred in the wedding. It may be signal interference, causing the drone to crash, and the cup wounded by the propeller.

Moreover, people are afraid of this kind of strong rotation in heaven. Discomfort, rejection and worry. How can I have a good heart to bless the newcomers in front of me?

3. Do not fly drones near the airport.

In the past, there have been many drones in the world that have affected the time of safe flight.

Although a large number of manufacturers such as Dajiang, Zero, and Habson have set up a flight-limited area, in reality, the aircraft will start to fall a few kilometers away from the airport. In theory, this landing range should also be set to Flight limited area. Because of the height of the aircraft's descent, it is even within the unmanned altitude.

QQ screenshot 20170216135457

Therefore, the flying hands should still confirm the environment before the flight. When there is an aircraft in the airspace, it must not be risky to fly. The drone crash is small, and it is illegal to affect the flight safety of the aircraft.

Military areas, heads of government and other sensitive areas are strictly no-fly zones. I hope the flying hands no zuo no die!

4, do not fly when the state is not good

It is the same as drinking without driving.

It is also necessary to maintain absolute waking when flying a drone. You need to keep an eye on the screen while still moving the joystick to adjust the drone's flight attitude.

Don't say drunk driving, there is one more person next to you asking the West to ask, is the source of interference. It will add a lot of insecurities to the flight.

5, should not be used to walk the dog

There was also a video that was very hot before, and the dog was taken by a drone, and the dog was taken away by the drone.

Although the video was post-production, the drone in the video did not lift the dog's payload, but it also sounded an alarm.

QQ screenshot 20170216141549

The latest news is that the Guangdong Yizhang mother-in-law uses the drone '遛鸡'. While adding a festive atmosphere to the New Year, it also provides a lot of players with the idea of ​​“amateur”. However, when we are thinking about what the drone can do, we can't ignore it to do anything that threatens life. Even the life of an animal. What do you say?

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