I want to sing Apple TV

At present, Apple TV is one of Apple's most confusing products. Its design is lacking, its content is scarce, and it seems that the remote connection with a lot of software, such as TV application or iPhone, is not completed.
In the United States market, early Apple TV will replace the set-top boxes for cable TV and live TV, but it has not succeeded. At present, Apple's game controllers are challenging with Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation, but they have not achieved anything.
This shows that the strategy of using TVs and bundled game consoles is also an injury to Apple. Apple uses its mobile phones and the App Store to make up for the failure of Apple TV.
Be aware that 75% of iPhone and iPad app revenue from 2015 comes from games. It is also estimated that an application analysis company survey shows that close to 81% of the Apple iOS App Store revenue comes from games. In other words, it is too early for Apple to open up a TV and a mobile phone, and to form a new closed loop together with the game console.
Unless Apple TV forms an ecological closed-loop relationship with Apple's mobile phone, App Store, and games and TV content, it is possible that it will really win. Apple may not want to immediately break the ecology of mobile phones and the App Store. This is called indecisiveness. Before you are afraid of the wolf, you are afraid of the tiger. The more you hesitate, the more you may lose your future creative business opportunities. From this point of view, Apple also feels that "it is quite old and honest."
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